Air Filters

Mike’s Express carries a wide variety of air filters for our customers. The frequency of changing an air filter all depends on the vehicle you drive, gas/diesel, and the driving conditions you drive in. It could vary from every other oil change to once a year.

What does an air filter do?
The air filter stops airborne contaminants from getting sucked into your car’s engine. It’s a paper filter that stops debris such as dust, leaves, and wayward pelicans before they get inside the engine and do damage to the engine.

Why do I have to do this?
Eventually, your air filter will get plugged up.

What happens if I don’t do this?
If your air filter gets too dirty or clogged, your engine won’t be able to suck enough air into the combustion chambers. The engine will then run rich (i.e., too much gas and not enough air). When this happens, your vehicle will run roughly and your check engine light also may come on.

If you neglect the air filter for a long time, your car may stop running altogether. While permanent damage is unlikely, it is possible. If an air filter were sufficiently dirty and damaged, it could allow harmful, abrasive contaminants into the combustion chamber.

Is there any maintenance required between intervals?
We check your air filter for you as part of our service every time you come in for an oil change or trip check.